I just wanted a friend that actually has a great talent to write, to get known by the people, and actually a place for creative people and inspirational ones who want to get know by their knowledge or talent of writing.

What it does

The app allows the users to publish their inspirational phrases, and storys to be available to everybody registered in the app for 12 hours so they can be know and followed, without being famous or anything if the people likes them they can be followed, actually has a chat where the people can discuss about their content and be social, a top where the ones with more publications can get know by their efforts because make content is really hard.

How I built it

I made a web app with my own framework which i'd like to call BengalaFramework, that let me make web apps that looks really native and fluent so i started that way implementing cool things like a wysiwyg editor, google cloud text api and vision so the photos can be tagged by their content, the chat using Socket.IO.

Challenges I ran into

Well, make something cool and unique is really hard, so think a lot about this with my friends, to get an idea of how many time the publication or wabbs are available and What kind of things i can do to make it attractive to the authors, etc...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Also was a inspiration project, in less than 3 days all the logic was done, and i was working so i never thought that i could do that... I'm happy that friends of mine like the app, and use it.

What I learned

I learn a lot of database logic, and UX/UI about the importance of an intuitive design like the Empty State pages, and actually was great to think how i can make the author experience better.

What's next for Wabba

I'm thinking to add a map with all the authors arround the world, letting the people photographers share their photos in specific locations, a AI Random group maker to join people that has some kind of similarities in their photos or writings, i'd love to connect the people and i think wabba will let me do that.

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