The constant need for technological solutions that will satisfy the user's need as well as to facilitate a day-to-day issue is what has acted as a catalyst to drive us onto creating this software. Technically speaking, what inspired the creation of this project is the daily arising ride problems, and what this app is capable of providing is a ride that we consider having several features that are located in a single, dual platform app. Before creating this solution, there are several problems existing such as maintaining an ultimate meaning for private rides as well as the constant pollution that continuously exists. This enhanced all-in-one software will change the meaning of carpooling transportation keeping in mind that it will provide means of providing a ride for more than one person in a single ride and thus being an eco-friendly solution.

What it does

This software enhances the idea of carpooling. Some of its features are:

  1. Privacy • Implement the ghost mode algorithm to protect the customer’s identity. • The National/Iqama ID number of the user will be taken for security purposes. • By taking this piece of information, we can further identify the gender of the user, so the main purpose of the app is achieved: privacy is ensured.
  2. Eco-Friendly • According to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development(SD) & its 17 Goals, this app will support Goal #13 which is Climate Action as we will be able to reduce the number of cars on roads and by that lower the chances that global warming will exceed its threshold.
  3. Lower ride fares • A calculation can be implemented to decrease the fare keeping in mind that no extra fares will be on the count. Total price / number of customers per ride.
  4. Saves time on traffic by reducing traffic jam and by that contributing to a cleaner atmosphere • Instead of having 5 cars that are transporting 5 different customers to the same location, why not reducing this huge number and its negative aftermaths of polluting our planet to a single car transporting all customers to the same location!
  5. Supports the packaging concept which eventually enhances better business • This can be applied by firms, schools, and by any organization where there is a number of employees to consider transporting. Employees should be a 100% focused on their work and not getting distracted by the transportation aspect. Less focus  Less productivity  Unsuccessful business  No money.
  6. Discounts especially for students using their student ID • According to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development(SD) & its 17 Goals, this app will support Goal #4 which is Quality Education.. in a way that will promote easier transportation facility in rural areas. • Customers who are frequently using the app will receive in reward a promotion code in order to promote and spread the idea of this app.

How we built it

Using Google's Flutter technology as well as Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing so many features as well as developing the backend server in a limited amount of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Producing an app that will run on both platforms: iOS and Android (saved time for both programming and debugging) and that will help the community on a daily basis.

What we learned

Implementing an idea that will act as a tool towards having a smart city.

What's next for w9lna

A lot of upcoming features that will perfectly fit the user's constant technological needs and will enhance the sense of living in a smart city. To solidify our vision and ideas we had to understand the community’s opinion regarding this product, for instance, what are their concerns? So, we conducted a survey in a way to understand the psychology of the community on why they’re not comfortable with the idea of using a carpool-based transportation app. What the results have shown us is that the community is split into two halves where there are still some unclear aspects regarding this concept and thereby, our app’s features will solve these issues. The statistics of the survey has shown that 60% of the community agrees on such a facility, whereas, 40% of the end users have some privacy concerns on it. Our app will solve this concern and what makes things even better is that it will add more exciting features that will attract more customers to using it on a daily basis. we will include features based on the future analysis of the UX Happy riding, happy customers!

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