I have a big comic collection and wasn't so happy with the current apps available so I had the idea for a while now to create my own comic app. But I not only collect comics but also books, funko, games, collectibles, cigars, lego. So the idea evolved to create a collections app.

What it does

The idea is that you can start collecting anything you want.

How I built it

The app is an ugly one, I spent max 5 day's and built it with react and Blockstack.js to do authentication and use Gaia storage.

Challenges I ran into

Gaia storage is a challenge, I had the feature to add images to items but had to remove it for now. Because everything gets encrypted before storage and back. The encrypting takes ages to upload and get images. So I have to find another solution for this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I have the base of an app I will use a lot in a couple of day's. That I could build it with blockchain tech and provide a way to own your identity and data due to Blockstack.

What I learned

That sometimes you don't have to analyse everything to death before you start. It's the first time that I only thought about functionality and delivering features and not about frameworks, libs, architecture, reuse, maintenance, ....

What's next for W3bCollections | A Decentralised Collections App

A lot to come due to time constrains, I don't have a roadmap yet but the following are definitely there:

  • Update an Item
  • Rewrite code and use web components
  • Redesign UI
  • Create a solution for storage to use images
  • Bulk upload
  • Filter
  • Search for items online and add them to your collection
  • Templates for collections, movies, cigars, games, books, ...
  • Ability to create your own templates
  • A business oriented version
  • ...

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