We were inspired by how addicting strategy games were and decided to make a game with a heavy emphasis on strategy. We were also inspired one popular ice breaker activity involving list of survival items. Within the Activity, participants are asked to pick their to ~5 items to bring to a remote island to survive. We wanted to apply this activity to winter survival and wanted to find out how people would react to such a challenge and make decisions to stay alive for the longest possible. Additionally, the intentional lack of graphics in older, retro, games were an inspiration.

What it does

You start the game off with items and attempt to survive. Your character has to go somewhere (for reasons they can't remember) and you have to hide from other humans because of a disease. The player is slowly dying and your goal is to get to the destination as close as possible. It is turn based and there are events such as finding things or being attacked. Your score is based on how long you survive.

How we built it

We built w1nt3rsurv1v41 using TypeScript and Vue. The TypeScript was transpiled to browser JS. Our TypeScript code was heavily based on an object oriented model, which allowed us to develop the game faster.

Challenges we ran into

We were having trouble managing state for our VueJS application but it ended up fine at the end. Additionally due to commitment issues time was not on our side.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were proud of the fact that were were able to come up with a game with an interesting mechanic, albeit the fact that the game is not very polished.

What we learned

We learned that procrastination is not a good strategy when it comes to hackathons, and also that dying is bad.

What's next for w1nt3rsurv1v41

We plan on polishing this game and making it available in more mediums. (Such as terminal) The text medium makes it very accessible.

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