DESCRIPTION W;nk is a brand new messaging app that puts the power of the almighty emoticon right at your fingertips! Say goodbye to long-winded text messages and embarrassing auto-correct fails – with W;nk every message comes in the form of cute, expressing little emoticons. Want to tell your friends about your awesome day? Send them a happy face! Want to let your mom know you bombed that exam this morning? That frowning face has you covered.

NO MORE TYPING W;nk makes exclusive use of emoticons to communicate. Users open an account and then have access to a wide range of emotes that they can send to other users as “winks”. Push notifications keep you updated on your ongoing wink conversations so that you never miss a message.

SIMPLE, FAST, AND EFFECTIVE W;nk is unique amongst messaging apps in that it combines ingenious simplicity with limitless possibility. The interface and lack of typing required means that users of any competency level can pick it and start sending emotes to their friends. Forget Swype and predicative text – with W;nk you can express yourself in seconds with any need of a keyboard. This is great for any situation - from having fast interactions on the fly to providing older users with expression that doesn’t require confusing modern texting interfaces.

EXPRESS YOURSELF! As the app grows, so does the opportunity for self-expression. New sets of emoticons will be added all the time, giving users an endless stream of fun ways to communicate with one another. New themes and styles of emoticon mean that you will never be without that one perfect emote to express exactly how you feel at any given moment! Who needs words?!

SO LONG TEXT MESSAGES A picture is worth a thousand words, and with W;nk, those pictures have never been easier to access! W;nk isn’t just a new way to message – it’s an entirely new way of approaching communication.

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