Low back pain (LBP) is a major cause of disability throughout the world. However, longitudinal evidence to relate low back pain and functional limitations is mostly confined to Asia. Even though, there are heating pads available, but those pads are mostly not favoured by old persons. Switching to manual heating bag, we never get a accurate temperature to get relief from pain. So we thought of this idea W-mach.

What it does


• The shirt is sub divided into different different subsection each containing heating elements which is far better than single heating element.

•Highly configurable through app. User can control which portion of their body gets heat and can even adjust the temperature.

•Control over each heating element , user can switch off or on each elements individually.

•Control power levels of each heating elements . there are four modes of heating: off, lo, mid, high.

• Bluetooth connectivity

•Battery powered 8h battery life


• Sleep mode timer 30 min

• Turn all off

• Turn all on

• User customized heating

How we built it

Parts :

•Arduino nano

•Lipo battery

•HC-05 bluetooth module

• Flexible low power heating pads

We even have prepared an website representing our objectives of our hardware model. The website was built with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

We had limited supplies to make this hardware project. Since, all of us weren't familiar with app development, so we couldn't make the app according to our plan.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy that we could successfully build our hardware model in the required time period.

What's next for W-mach

We are planning forward to make a better improved model and to build an app, which can smoothly control the hardware.

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