Inspiration :

According to NIEM almost 20 % of patients are died due to traffic delays, & in year 2016 only 1.4 lakh people died in road accident out of which almost 30% died due to late arrival of Ambulance. So we team LTFT comes with this idea to build a WhatsApp Bot which will help a user to contact an Ambulance, Hospital & nearby Police Station in no time.

As in emergency it's quite hard to search for an ambulance, hospital in Google or to install new health related apps from PlayStore/Appstore. Also nowadays almost everyone have a Whatsapp account, so we thought to build a WhatsApp Bot.

What it does:

It asks a WhatsApp user to share his/her 'current location' and according to that it searches for nearby Ambulance & shares that patient's complete details (with live location) to the nearest Ambulance.

And then it searches for nearest hospital (with highest rating in google) within a given radius & shares that data with the ambulance & patient as destination (with distance & estimate driving time) in a single WhatsApp message.

And then it searches for nearest police station to the Hospital & Patient and asks both of them to clear road jam between Ambulance Location - Patient Location & Patient Location - Hospital Location , and shares ambulance's complete details (eg. Number Plate Details) with pick up & drop off location.

Also, it shares nearest vaccination centres details according to your location through WhatsApp.

How we built it :

We built it using Flask, Twilio, Google Reverse Geocoding API, Google Places API, Google Distance Matrix API & to read csv dataset we have used pandas

Challenges we ran into:

The first and foremost challenge was to collect latitude & longitude in just one click using Twilio.

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