Multiple members of our team have family or friends in the hearing-impaired athletic community. Their challenges inspired us to create a product that would provide an equitable opportunity for all athletes to receive the same communication from the coach(es) and thus improving the trust in the team.

What it does

The Vyb can be worn by athletes, registered into the coach’s app, which then works as a one way communication channel for relay game tactics. When a tactic is selected on the app, a haptic feedback, of unique vibrations, will be received on the device wirelessly, and the athlete will discreetly know how to proceed. 

How I built it

The base of the product was created through a tubular knitting machine with predetermined dimensions. From there, a pocket was hand-stitched on the surface of the band for placement of our Vibe Board. The Vibe Board is connected through alligator clips and controlled by the Arduino. 
The coding consisted of a variety of vibration patterns indicative of different meanings based on the users preferences.

Challenges I ran into

Our team’s research and development of our design solution, although feasible, cannot be realised based on our abilities, lack of resources and time, hence most of our solutions from the device, to the code and the app are mainly concepts. This lead to; our Vibe Board having a wired connection instead of the intended wireless capabilities; having a hand sewn band instead of a fully knitted band with a pocket with the correct fibres; only having an app mock-up and not a fully working interface.    

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team is proud that we were able to work with Arduino and include it into our project. We are also proud of how large of a scale we were able to plan out, for a concept that is also inclusive.

What's next for Vyb

The next step for Vyb would be to take our concept and create a fully working prototype, granted we have the resources and knowledge needed to create a wireless prototype that can be communicated with the app, and even potentially secure an investor.

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