My parents suffer from Hyperopia (the need for reading glasses), but they always forget to take them shopping. Our shopping experience is always miserable for all of us because trips take longer and I am constantly asked to check whether the fat content is too high or if the product is organic.

What it does

Using image and text recognition, the application identifies products and displays bold 3D projections over the product packaging. Clients no longer have to pick up the package off the shelf and inspect every side of it.

How we built it

Android SDK and Google Vision API. We modified a text-recognition application to identify different products and place important information over it.

Challenges we ran into

-Figuring out Android SDK and Google Vision API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Built a working prototype capable of identifying 3 different packages. -Developed an idea that can change the future for those with hyperopia

What we learned

-Hackathons are tiring -How to use Android SDK and Google Vision API -The many potential uses for Augmented Reality

What's next for Vutrition

-Possibly develop a device that is a combination of Hololens, Google Glass, and PixelOptics (prescription glasses capable of adjusting strengths) -Offline mode that allows information identification in any situation (Nutrition label identification, text identification, etc.) -Expand beyond the food section -> pharmacy, electronics, etc.)

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