Inspired by the legacy of Vine, we decided to create a blogging/social platform for uploading and sharing 7-second videos in a geographical context.

What it does

Vune enables people to upload videos at a specific location, and to share these videos with their subscriber/follower base. We implemented real-time Firebase sync across our entire platform, so videos are visible to others as soon as they are uploaded, without having to refresh the page.

How we built it

We ended up building two-frontends; our main frontend is powered by Vue.js, Vuex, and Vue-Router and is deployed via Netlify to, however our working MVP is deployed via Firebase hosting and is hosted at

We implemented a structure as follows: diagram

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some trouble when deciding on the skeleton structure of our app. We also ran into time trouble with regards to finishing everything when one of our members hadn't slept in 48 hours and had to leave near the end. We had some issues figuring out how to manage the file upload to Firebase, but managed to work it out in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a Vue.js / Vuex / Vue-router, components-based backend with almost no prior Vue experience, Using Firebase to manage the simulataneous upload and distribution of videos to users.

What we learned

How to use Vue to build a modern front-end, use Netlify to deploy with continuous deployment from a GitHub repository, use Google App Engine to deploy and package our API which connected to Firebase, and use Firebase to host video files, store the geographical data associated with each video, and stream the videos back to users on our platform.

What's next for Vune

Flesh out the API and complete:

  • Advertising system for funds
  • Subscriber / Following system
  • User profile / login
  • Recommendation engine
  • Mobile App

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