Wanna draw cool graffitis or make your own wallpapers but not so good at it??😅😀 Our not-so-good artistic skills and decent engineering competence inspired us to come up with VULKAN!

What is Vulkan

Vulkan is a self-contained bot that can draw graffiti having minimal complexity on walls. It harnesses the power of the vacuum and IoT to help make your walls beautiful.

How Stuff Works

Here's an instruction manual to operate Vulkan:

  1. Power up Vulkan and launch our UI-based application on your laptop.
  2. Draw your favorite graffiti and let your imagination run wild!
  3. Hit the SEND button. Congrats! you've just done your part of the job. Now your graffiti is wirelessly sent to Vulkan over a socket connection and it starts automatically.
  4. The BLDC propellers fire up and create the required suction force.
  5. The drive motors start turning in quantized steps, and the servo motors for the brush sync up for the perfect strokes!
  6. At the end of every row, our custom-designed edge manoeuvre ensures that the bot is facing the right way before drawing the subsequent rows.
  7. Sit back and watch Vulkan in action!

Challenges faced

Building the wall-climbing robot in a short span of 14 days was fun, but we had our fair share of challenges too. Due to covid-19, we struggled a little to get the required components delivered on time. We weren't able to get a custom-made chassis for our robot. But these challenges served as an opportunity for us to delve deeper and brain-storm to come up with a design that would serve the same purpose but would make use of readily available components, thereby, making our design inexpensive, simple yet elegant. That's when we realized that mount boards are not just for artworks, these sturdy mount boards could also make our chassis! After chassis, the biggest challenge faced was in generating vacuum caused due to low power of the BLDC motor. The mount board chassis was sturdy but not as stiff as a custom-made chassis to handle the vibrations caused due to the high rpm of the BLDC motor. We had to be extra careful while working on the mecanum wheels speed control as the tractive forces could contribute to slippage of the wheels as lateral tractive forces bend the chassis and lift the wheels.

Accomplishments that we are proud of!

Building a robot in a time constraint of 14 days is an accomplishment in itself- and we are very proud of it! But what makes us even more proud is that we

  1. Successfully developed the algorithm for sending drawn images to bot using basic socket programming
  2. Came up with an alternative idea to manoeuvre using standard fixed wheels in the absence of mecanum wheels
  3. Developed an inexpensive but effective bot design suitable for anyone who wants to draw wall-paintings and murals


ezgif com-gif-maker

ezgif com-gif-maker (1)

GUI Interface

ezgif com-gif-maker (2)

What's next for VULKAN?

Vulkan is for anyone who wants to unleash his/her creativity through technology. We plan

  1. To add support for multiple colours instead of just black and white. We know we all love colours, right?
  2. To incorporate various modes for different brush strokes
  3. More research on paint and how to regulate the flow of paint
    • Paints which have higher concentration of driers
    • We plan to implement Vulkan with electronic paint rollers and brushes
  4. To not just restrict it to a 4-way movement. Extending it to move obliquely and rotate about its axis.
  5. Implement collaborative painting among multiple Vulkan bots operating simultaneously to reduce painting time.

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