The idea behind our project, Vueling: Flight Fest, came from the need to provide an entertainment and communication experience on flights that does not rely on an internet connection. We wanted to offer a platform where passengers can interact with each other and learn more about their flight destination, all while enjoying their journey.

What it does

Vueling: Flight Fest is an in-flight entertainment and communication platform that allows passengers to connect and play together, share information about their flight destination, ask questions to other passengers, and even find common interests to work on something together. The platform is compatible with smartphones and laptops and does not require an internet connection to operate.

How we built it

To build Vueling: Flight Fest, we used several technologies, including React for the user interface and styled-components for the react styles, typescript for frontend development, eslint for code cleanliness, Github for version control, and Python with Flask for the backend to provide real-time communication between passengers. We also integrated a weather API to provide real-time weather information and OpenAI API to generate interesting questions and content for user entertainment.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we faced was creating an engaging and easy-to-use user experience without compromising on functionality. We also had to tackle the complexity of integrating multiple technologies and ensuring everything worked smoothly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have created an in-flight entertainment platform that is easy to use and provides a unique experience for passengers. We are also proud to have successfully integrated multiple technologies to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience.

What we learned

During the process of building Vueling: Flight Fest, we learned a lot about how to integrate technologies to create a solid and cohesive user experience. We also learned a lot about how to work as a team and collaborate to overcome challenges.

What's next for Vueling: Flight Fest HACKUPC 2023

We are excited to continue developing Vueling: Flight Fest and make improvements based on user feedback and passenger needs. We also plan to implement features we would have liked to include but were unable to do so due to time constraints, such as chat between passengers, peer-to-peer communication, calling, and requesting assistance from flight personnel while inside the app. We are also excited to explore new ways to make the flight experience more enjoyable and exciting for our customers.

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