What it does

API for Vue-BabylonJS. Library allows developers to create 3D graphics as easily as writing HTML or css. API allows users to understand the features and possible uses of the library.

My contributions

This was an existing open-source project that I made modifications to the front-end of the API, specifically the navbar, to make the site easier to navigate and understand for users. These included things like reorganizing links under the original "More" subheading and other pages into an Introduction section with an "About" page that is more convenient and clear. Added a link to github on the menu with the github logo.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First PR to an open-source project. First time working on front-end web dev

What I learned

How to use html/pug, css/sass, vue.js for web development How to contribute to open source projects

What's next for Vue-BabylonJS

Further improvement to look and feel of API for better marketability and easier use.

Built With

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