My grandmother passed away in the restroom and nobody knew until later when it was too late to save her. It was years ago but whenever I think about this I feel really bad. I wish there were something, anything that would notify me or one of my family member when she passed out. We might be able to save her. The tragedy inspired me a lot, the problem I try to solve is so simple, it was just the fact that "no matter how much you love somebody, you can't be with them 24/7". However, when bad thing actually happened, you couldn't get away with the regretful feeling and wonder what if ...

Recently our technology introduced the wearable devices. Something that can monitor your health, your fitness action, help you a little in your day to day work but most importantly it is next to you or your loved one 24/7. Our application might be able to "ask for help" when you can't ask yourself. Imagine if you having car accident when nobody around you or you are alone late night and somebody try to rob (or even rape) you, if your device can detect that and trigger alert to authority or people around that area. I think it would be helpful.

Technology is not perfect. However with the IoT, evolution in wearable healthcare we might be close to a better solution.

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