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More than a decade ago, Sebastián Stranieri, the founder and current CEO of VU, had to go with his grandmother to a government agency so she could authenticate her identity. Why? Because the government needs to know she was alive—and still does need to know we, all of us, are alive. Retirements, social plans—we have to go and say to the government entity “Hey, it’s me”. Back then, in that moment, he thought technology could help solve that problem, and he founded VU. A cybersecurity company focused on fraud prevention and identity protection, but without the obstacles and friction we’re used to.

How many Sebastians are there? How many Peters? How many different identities do you have and how many times our user is born in the online world? Credit cards, airlines, millions of passwords. We've all been afraid of conducting an online transaction in the bank.

Since our foundation, our mission is to improve the citizens’ lives, wherever they are. We combine traditional cybersecurity controls with geolocation, machine learning, ID validation and the user’s behaviour analysis, to provide robust authentication solutions.

Our proposal is based on making available a platform of citizens’ identification and validation that allows companies and governmental entities make secure transactions within the usual, known communication platforms. If we can do that, using machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can help citizens avoid going to the government to say "Hey, it's me" ever again.

In order to achieve capillarity across each country’s territories, we understand is key to be able to integrate to the tools commonly used by general population, without asking the user to download new applications or adding new skills. That’s why our proposal includes the integration of the identity validation services for the following tools: OpenID, Santander Digital Trust Protocol, OAuth, WhatsApp (Twilio and WhatsApp for business), Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom and many more.

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