Applying for: Twilio, XDK, and Namecheap

A free to use text-to-vote system that can turn any Youtube playlist URL into a party. Any user can create a playlist, and even multiple playlists. Each playlist can have an associated e-mail address and Twillio code that can be used for voting. For free accounts, these are randomly grabbed when the playlist is started. Premium members have the option of attaching a permanent twillio number and a vanity e-mail. Voters can only vote once per voting round. Voting user's phone number or e-mail address are recorded, as is their voting history. Users that take the time to create an account and associate their credentials with an account can view their voting history. Texting an asterisks while a song is playing saves it to that user's "Favorites". Users can also text song suggestions at the playlist.

Higher tier memberships (payment processing done by the Stripe API) increases limits for the account. Business accounts are required to have a BMI license. Businesses can pay for custom styling of the mobile app and video player when their playlist is in view. E-mail and text campaigns ($$$) can be dispatched to a playlist's voters (with obvious opt-outs and usage limits). There are three different view options for the playlist.

Some buzz words: Responsive, Multi-Platform, Salted passwords with Blowfish hash, Sessions, Twillio, Youtube API, Stripe API, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, SMTP,

Further Development:

  • A friend just voted at a club you often frequent, receive a notification
  • Signup for an account via text
  • Better playlist creation tools
  • Printable "vote card" templates to place on table or posters
  • Variable number of vote options

Additional Support:

  • Incorporation of Spotify (greater song selection)
  • Incorporation of Sound Cloud (royalty free)
  • Mixing of playlist types

Basic commands for Spotify and Soundcloud have been coded, but are not production ready -- meaning they will be left out of our demo/presentation. Upon request, code logic and actual code can be demo'd or viewed.

  • Restricted access until out of Alpha
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