What if you could take a picture of an animal and find out what it is and all the information you want about it? GuidesZoo is a first attempt at making this idea come to life. Reading the text that the zoo displays have is alright but having your own tour guide that helps you identify an animal and learn more about it all in your hand is a lot more exciting!

What it does

GuidesZoo will guide you through your visit at the zoo and when your'e back home. It allows the user to input an image and will return what animal is displayed in the image. It will also provide you with a link with further information about that animal.

How I built it

GuidesZoo was built with Java and Python. I implemented the Metamind image recognition api which required use of a Python script, all housed within the Java code. I also utilized JSoup to gather information from the web and display it in the application.

Challenges I ran into

Executing Python within Java and reading the output from the script.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using Python and Java together and using the Metamind api.

What I learned

Python code implementation and api referencing.

What's next for GuidesZoo

GuidesZoo could be very functional as a mobile app and development into an Android app the next plan of action.

Built With

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