Looking at banking not as a single company but as a system

What it does

Ties in aspects of data-mining (Capital One API) to data parsing and analytics to accumulate to a easy to digest web-page.

How we built it

Combining skills from all types of majors: Math, CMDA and CS

Challenges we ran into

Time requirements create problems with how much we can implement versus what we wanted to implement and package dependencies

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Encryption to a personal remote file-redundent server using AES256. Real-world applicability. Augmenting a pseudo-organic 5-year simulation with Capital One's Nessie API

What we learned

Looking at a system at a whole can be far more insightful.

What's next for VTCappers

Given more time, the sky is the limit! We built a system that can be used for any data analytics application with only slight adjustments.

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