Green Hero: A VTA checkin reward system with friends ranking and gamification.

Background: An average MPG 20-30 car which runs around 8k-15k miles per year, the carbon emission in this case will be around 10k lbs, which need 10 trees to offset. VTA Green Hero is


1>User check in any VTA stations, such as bus station, light rail station or bike station, which equipped the "Green Hero NFC Tiles" (For example, VTA company can update the current clipper card readers.). It works like VTA clipper card tapping system.

2>Use VTA api to calculate the miles you saving by using green transportation with VTA system.

3>Use Mapbox (I use woodcut theme because it's more green! ^^) to show the check in location in the map. Meanwhile, calculate how many trees need to offset such amount of carbon you just saved. You can share your green hero activity to friends via Facebook and Twitter!

4>Support friend ranking, be a VTA green hero in friends!

5>In the end of year, VTA can give the rewards like the "exclusive Green Hero clipper card" to the one who saved the most trees in Green Hero system.

Be a VTA green hero, be a green citizen in bay area!!

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