We wanted to have an encoding system for our friends for sending confidential message for fun. Talking seriously, the world has become data driven and everyone is trying to use data for their profit. So we wanted to protect our message, especially when we share confidential information to our close ones. And so we build this system which can easily used by us to secure message before sending them through internet.

What it does

The program uses a uses a encoding method to encode the message. The encoder only encodes confidential information using AI. And a decoder decode the message while preserving the state of the message.

How we built it

We used a 3 level encoding logic to encode it so it can't be easily encoded easily encoded by even the best AI decoders. This creates a problem of hash message being really large in size. So to tackle that problem, we implemented an NLP AI system (based on LSTM mechanism) which detects the confidential information in a message and only encrypt those words to create a smaller hash string while still being concise. We used a django framework to make the server and we also a create UI html pages to host them.

Challenges we ran into

We made our website separately from the Django framework that we used for implementing our ideas because it was easier for us to better use our resources, but at the end of the hacking we faced some issues with fully embedding the program in a short period of time. We also don't store the encoded text so we had to make sure the logic for decoded message don't change the state of message which too a while to get right.

What we learned

We learned how to use Django framework. Also it was our first time embedding a whole AI model to a python program. We also learned some new UI tools, unfortunately we ran out of time and couldn't use the learning to get the website as we wanted.

What's next for VT_Secure

We are going to the embedded the UI designed website into our program and then host it a server so that we can use them to send encrypted message to our friends which worrying about the message being seen or used anywhere on the internet.

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