Ever sit in class and you can't learn because the teacher doesn't teach in a compatible style? This has happened to the best of us and we want to prevent it

What it does

  Our application allows for students to enter information regarding their learning styles and helps them schedule their classes based on those preferences. Furthermore, teachers are able to input their teaching style in order to help students be matched correctly.

How we built it

 We built a server and used PHP, HTML, CSS, and SQL to create a web application that will eventually allow the user to answer survey questions that will match their learning styles with a compatible teacher

Challenges we ran into

  Difficulty getting data from the application to show up on the SQL database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

 We got pretty far in development, we have a basic application up and running that is able to have users make a full login that holds a good amount of data pertaining to scheduling classes which is the applications purpose. 

What we learned

  Different learning styles students have and different ways teachers teach their students. More experience with PHP.

What's next for VSU NSBE

  VSU NSBE would like to continue this project and eventually bring this into fruition on VSU campus one day.
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