In the enterprise, its always too hard to view log files on remote servers - getting permissions, logins, sshing, cd, tailing. Keeping track of which applications are deployed where, when, and what version is a nightmare.

How it works

To view logs on a remote server, that server needs to be running vsAgent - configured to only expose files with certain extensions in specified directories. vsConsole is deployed to a java application server (Tomcat, Glassfish, Websphere etc) and configured with the network address and port of the vsAgent installations. Once set up, logs can be viewed and tailed in the browser.

To monitor applications, first define the application and then one or more installations of the application to monitor. Versions can be tracked if your application exposes its version number via a url or html element.

Challenges I ran into

Getting users - people just won't find it by themselves.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For me, it scratches an itch - it makes traditionally time consuming and error prone development tasks easy so I can be more productive.

What I learned

Even though the people who use it like it, its hard to get the word out and to get enough users to be bothered maintaining and enhancing it.

What's next for vsConsole

REWRITE! Then steadily enhance - but I need more users to encourage me!

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