We were inspired to create a project that is fun, challenging, and useful. In other words, we are motivated to expand our skill sets and work on a project that we're passionate about. We also understand that building products is only useful if there is a consumer need, so we wanted to work on a project that is relevant, useful, and applicable.

What it does

This extension allows developers to track, manage, and update their GitHub and Slack statuses all from VSCode!

How we built it

We improved on NJU33's code by implementing custom emojis and statuses, and expanding on its functionality.

Challenges we ran into

  • Various time zones: Alexander and Daniel currently reside in Nigeria, while William is working from the United States — a six hour time difference!
  • Learning curve: Prior to this project, none of us had experience working with VS Code Extensions and the Typescript language. However, we pride ourselves in learning and having a growth mindset!
  • Shaky and unreliable WiFi connection

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Changing ideas mid-hackathon and being able to present on our new project
  • Completing our first MLH Sprint!

What we learned

  • Comfort and confidence in Git and project workflows
  • How to effectively work in a team and collaborate on tasks
  • How to build VSCode extensions
  • Basic understanding of Typescript

What's next for VSCode User Status

  • We plan on implementing the functionality to connect with Discord. Our extension currently works for Slack and GitHub — we can continue to integrate with many other platforms too.
  • Another next step is to retrieve the access token automatically. Currently, the user needs to manually input their access token. Automatically retrieving the access token would improve the user experience significantly.
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