vscode-puzzle is a super simple VSCode add-on that collects a problem from the internet and brings it directly into your editor. Practice your programming skills with ease.

Note: this project was built start to finish in the last 24 hours. It was not started before the hackathon began. Here's proof!


vscode-puzzle currently supports problems from r/dailyprogrammer, ProjectEuler, and CodingBat. It fetches a random problem for any of those three sites, creates a folder, and stores both a markdown file with the problem description and creates a .py file for you to begin your solution.

In the future, there is a plan to support a different preferred export type (other than Python), and problems from different websites.



Extension Settings

In the future, there will be an option to set your preferred solving language.

TODO: use the contributes.configuration extension point to set this up!

Known Issues


Release Notes

This is currently being built as a part of the Microsoft VSCode Hackathon. Release notes to come following this weekend.


The initial release of vscode-puzzle is described above.

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