Ever find yourself gathering all the will to go to UTown Gym only to find it is crazily crowded? Fret not, VSGym is here. As a direct competitor of the oversubscribed gym aforementioned, VSGym offers programmers unlimited private gym sessions. With only a click away, now we can work out in our favorite gym! Nope, it is not UTown Gym: it is VSGym!

What it does

VSGym offers 2 branches of sports which are complementing each other. Programmers who want to focus on muscle building (1st dorsal interosseous muscle) can choose to do the powerlifting workout while programmers who need cardio can do the jump rope!

How we built it

For the initial setup and boilerplate, we followed a YouTube tutorial from Ben Awad ( followed by reading official documentation from VSCode's website ( For the workout animations, we tried to create our own animation but we ran into a lot of problems, so we decided to find a GIF animation online.

Challenges we ran into

As this is our first time building a VSCode extension, we ran into several problems in the deployment and setup. We were also unfamiliar with Svelte and the VSCode APIs. However, these problems are not a big issue after spending several hours familiarizing ourselves with how it works.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud to come up with the idea of providing our fellow programmers with a way to keep their body fit. With this life-saving idea, we believe we can see more buff programmers in SoC soon!

What we learned

We learned how to use Svelte (a front-end framework), along with how to build a VSCode Extension!

What's next for vsgym

We look forward to expanding our choice of workouts and our interface. In the future, VSGym can have push-ups, pull-ups, running, and other sports. VSGym can also be extended to support Github login to save past workout sessions and give interesting insights about users' activity for the past month.

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