Forge app developer documentation nice, but every time I have switched from code editor to developer documentation page to refer how to use new component. What if I can get a list of all available Forge UI components in the Editor itself? I want to make Forge app development even faster.

What it does

Provides Forge developers quickly access all the Forge UI components as Forge snippets in the VScode without switching between editor and Forge developer documentation page. Demo

How I built it

Identified commonly used Forge UI components and created a list of code snippets for widely used Forge UI components with meaningful shortcuts and documented as VScode snippets extension project.

Challenges I ran into

Choosing commonly used Forge UI components snippets instead of creating snippets for all the Forge UI components.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Help to build the Forge app even faster.
  2. Reduce developer time referring to Forge documentation every time. Speed up of their Forge app development process.
  3. Got a chance to look and read into all Forge UI components documentation.

What I learned

Code snippets can save a lot of developer time. Make Forge app developers efficient with Forge snippets.

What's next for VS code Forge snippets extension

Support more complex Forge UI components and common UI hooks pattern snippets.

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