Running is boring and hard-to-stick-to for most of us CS students. We hope to add more fun to boring running exercise by use of Virtual Reality, so as to attract more people to love running and to live a healthy life.

What it does

VRun is a VR system paired with treadmill, which can provide runner extended virtual reality experience of traveling, gaming etc. It is designed to add more fun to mundane running exercise, and to motivate more people to love running.

How we built it

This VR system consists of three parts:

1) Treadmill for run speed, start/stop control

2) Oculus Rift for VR scene display

3) Myo armband for game control

We use PC keyboard to simulate control panel of treadmill.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Configuration of Oculus takes long time
  2. Modifying Unity3D game to VR cost us a lot of time to learn camera setting and character animation
  3. Mapping Armband signal to game control is tricky

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Though we did not finish all the parts of this project during this limited 36 hours, but we do create a successful demo of our idea!

What we learned

  1. How to modify Unity3D game to VR
  2. How to program with Oculus Rift
  3. How to use Armband to control game

What's next for VRun

  1. More features added to running game
  2. Add real-time health condition monitoring of runner
  3. Add function to switch between different city scenarios

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