I live in an environment where you can only dream about snow. So i want to atleast have an video memory of my environment with snow. So this lead me in creating VRSnow.

What it does

It basically creates a Virtual Snowy environment with Effects of real snowflakes falling before you in all directions.

How I built it

I used sparkAR , the coolest software to create these world effect.

Challenges I ran into

I was a total newbie. I just learnt this on this hackathon... so pretty much I didnt know how to use the sparkAR interface. I learnt it from the docs, youtube.. but after the struggles everything was a cake walk.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am very proud to have created this filter for a new user of sparkAR

What I learned

I learnt to use overlays, spin transition etc.

What's next for VRSnow

I want to add some other animations for more realistic experience.

Built With

  • sparkar
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