Our project allows its users to say something to the Bose speaker and the speaker will then transform the audio input into text. The text will then be translated to another language through the IBM API. Then, it will be transformed back into an audio for the speaker to output. As the translation occurs, we use Giphy API to search for related gifs to be depicted in the VR headset. This helps the user to have a clearer understanding of the translation.

Our team's inspiration was to ease the communication issue that people have especially in the scenario when people are attempting to communicate when they aren't proficient in the same language. Furthermore, a tool such as this would help people attempting to learn a new language.

Some accomplishments that we are proud of is working and creating unique and detailed scenes in Unity and working with numerous API's to create the final project. Thanks to working with a diverse group with different skillset, we were all able to learn some new topics such as Unity, working with API, and using Oculus Rift.

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