We wanted to create a great VR game.

What it does

You move a sphere around the track, and you try to hit the blue area at the end. Red walls kill you, and dark green floors do as well. To survive going through a dark green floor, press 'a' on your xbox controller to 'boost.' Boost last 0.5 seconds and makes you move 4 times as fast, but it protects you from acid. Boost takes 5 seconds to recharge, and you have to use intuition to know when you can press it again.

How we built it

We programmed it in unity.

Challenges we ran into

Camera being really terrible. Xbox controllers not connecting. Rift not working. Software not installing. Blue screen. Really weird glitches. Going through walls.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the camera to work.

What we learned

VR is very time consuming due to problems.

What's next for VrRun

Get a VR headset and fix all the bugs, such as being able to slightly go through walls and get stuck when boosting.

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