Problem: Ecommerce is one of the least social activities on the Internet, yet social is one of the most important pillars of it.

There are two problems that are present in our society: The lack of immersion and social activity in shopping and the ceiling for social interaction online, especially due to it being limited to a 2D space.

Solution: VRox provides virtual shopping experiences with your friends anywhere, anytime in the third dimension and virtual reality.

A virtual reality space where any user, either on a smartphone (iOS, Android) or computer can be loaded into limitless possibilities. Window shopping, buying products online, chatting with your friends, revolutionary analytics, anything is possible with the future of the Internet.

Story: Browsing through the mall with my girlfriend was an experience, a date where we windowed shopped and crowds of people enjoyed the phenomenon of the shopping mall. Now almost all of my shopping is done online, I am alone on my computer/tablet and I shop, almost on impulse. It’s so easy to buy items online, yet the symbol of the mall is being diminished in our culture

With this revolutionary new way to explore and interact on the web the possibilities are limitless!

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