Inspiration: We wanted to come as a team and create a real-world application to solve a problem and help our community.

What it does: Our service allows people to rate drivers from transportation services such as Uber, Lyft, and ever Taxi drivers. Give users the confidence that using those services are always safe no matter what.

How I built it: Combining languages such as HTML & CSS, Angular.JS,Node.JS, and Express

Challenges I ran into: Or biggest challenge was combining the two portions of our team (front and back-end) to work cohesively.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: having a great times with friends, meeting amazing mentors and learning so many new languages and new and exciting ways of doing things.

What I learned : We've learn how real world projects get broken down in to different parts, the challenges that come with this, and how important it is to have good teammates that work together to make something great.

What's next for VroomVroom, well VroomVroom2.0 Bigger, and better, add more features and expand our idea into a working service that can enrich our communities.

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