The idea came from how ridiculously over-priced gas is in California. I mean, have you ever seen gas prices near Down-town LA? Almost $5 for a single gallon of fuel. A lot of people go to the gas stations there, spend $5 on gas until it's enough for them to reach a more reasonably-priced gas station. What if instead of guessing if your tank is going to last, there was an app that told you where to fill up for maximum money saving?

What it does

This app measures where the cheapest gas station is along your route and compares the cost saving of you stopping there for gas versus somewhere else along your route.

How We built it

We used Google Cloud Platform to develop this application. We used app engine for the application, while using datastore and cloud functions for data.

Challenges We ran into

There are not a lot of good API's that measure gas prices. Most of the ones that exist depend on people that are near the gas stations reporting the prices, so they cost a lot of money.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We pride ourselves because we learned how to use Google Cloud Platform from no experience at all.

What we learned

We learned how to use the Google Maps API,

What's next for Vroom-Vroom

We need to find a reliable gas price API that will work for this application. Also, we woud love to implement this application with the full Google Maps application as a "plug-in."

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