Technology is evolving at a rapid pace in today's world, and the effects of this technology revolution are most prevalent in young children. Nowadays, many young children no longer hold books but rather, iPads, and as a result, young children have increasingly developed shorter attention spans. Most notably, in 2011, a video of a one-year old baby went viral because she was under the impression that a magazine was just a broken iPad. Thus, technology must find new means to engage young children to read books. Our team introduces a new, innovative approach to reading: 3D books, called VRooks (Virtual Reality books).

VRooks targets children interested in picture books, but could easily appeal to readers of all ages. The idea is that readers put on an Oculus Rift and become completely immersed into a virtual reality of their book. This way, they can fully experience the book and gain a deeper, more comprehensive understanding and remembrance of the book. We propose to strategically place text in a pathway that allows the user to read the book and follow the story. The user can choose the pace at which he/she reads by controlling the keyboard arrows. Additionally, the text is placed a few words at a time, to prevent the user from losing interest. The user is free to move around and explore the virtual 3D world at any time if he/she wishes to take a break, providing a new element of fun in reading.

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