Tamiya's "mini4WD" is a legendary toy for 30-40s men in Japan. (re: If we can drive it, if we can see things as if we ride the car, it must be FUN!!

What it does

How I built it

Developed custom board for Edison to keep original size of "mini4WD." Using Intel Edison, we controlled VRmini4WD's voltage so we can accelerate or slow down the car via WiFi. We hacked Gran Turismo's Playseat through USB, so you can actually DRIVE the mini car. Also, streaming the front camera, you can see the front view of the car as if you are riding the car.

Challenges I ran into

livestreaming in Unity world.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Exhibited at Maker Faire Tokyo 2015

What I learned

Hard things about hardware...

What's next for VRmini4WD

Through developing VRmini4WD, we commercialized a custom board for Intel Edison.

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