We wanted to experiment with Google Cardboard, the most accessible form of virtual reality, to develop an app that could be enjoyed by everyone for cheap. We also target the app at disabled shoppers, to allow them to shop online with minimal use of the arms.

What it does

View a shelf full of items available to purchase. Upon interacting with the magnet while looking at an item, it is added to your cart, for later purchase.

How I built it

All models were built in Blender and exported to Unity, where they were placed and textures were added. The functionality was programmed in C#. The app was then built and run on an Android Phone, using the Google Cardboard VR headset.

Challenges I ran into

The app was originally going to be built by a team of 4, but 2 team members left only hours in to the Hackathon, leaving the remaining two of us to power through on our own, with almost zero knowledge or experience of the required technologies.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning Blender and Unity in 24 hours, as well as C# to a proficient level.

What I learned

Virtual Reality, as a new technology has relatively few tutorials online, so we learned how to adapt it to work with each of the programmes we used.

What's next for VRMarket

Developing the app further to handle larger quantities of items, and possibly integrate real transactions using APIs without leaving the app.

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