Our team met in the UGA aerospace engineering club. With a passion for space and robotics we have decided to enter this competition to challenge ourselves and apply our engineering knowledge to design a robotics project with real-world space application.

Robotic manipulators are incredibly common, used in applications from surgery to bomb disposal to space exploration. With the increasing popularity and applicability of virtual reality we aimed to combine these technologies and leverage their strengths.

We have created a user interface that allows for intuitive control over a robot arm such that the user can easily give position commands to the robot arm and the robot arm will execute commands in real life.

The user interface also includes a data visualization module that visualizes sensor readouts from various sensors such as a moisture sensor and temperature sensor. The sensor readout also includes camera feed with which we leverage computer vision for analysis of the environment, being able to detect distances to objects as well as do object recognition. The control and data analysis are consolidated into one cohesive user interface.

Through this project we have learned numerous new skills. We have learned to design user interfaces in unity, write up kinematics to control a robot arm, and integrate sensors. We have also learned a lot of non-technical skills such as communication within the team, pitching an idea, and collaborating across specialties.

After the hackathon, our team plans on continuing work on VRM. We’ll work on refining our design and adding more features.

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