VRLMS is a new way of learning built for the needs of the industry to train employees in risks, security and any kind of traning. Saving time, money and space. Allowing employees to be better prepared, so when they start new jobs and need to be prepared in some manner they can easily do it through our platform in a new and interactive way.

VRLMS is open to any type of learning but is focused in simulation and training.

What it does

The platform keeps track of the courses the user is taking and let the users subscribe to new courses added to the web platform including 360 video, 360 Photos and 3D interactivity.

How we built it

We use React for developing a platform that allows to register new users, select a course to train and view the content on VR headset to get fully immersed without any distraction, or just in the browser. We used React 360 for building the 360 space with a personalized player for watching 360 videos, 360 photos and interactive 3D scenes, we also implement a grading system to quiz and grade the user.

Challenges we ran into

Creating and interface standard to any type of learning was challenging due to the fact of replicating all type of learning use cases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have been talking with several companies, and they really need our solution to manage better their knowledge. They feel it can be of great use to create such platform. We believe we can do a change on education and LMS open platforms, through learning by experience.

We are also really happy that the frameworks we chose, are allowing us to develop the VRLMS.

What we learned

By building new type of learning platform we have learned a lot from React 360, WebGL and React.

What's next for VRLMS

We have seen the industry is needing our solution, so we want to roll it out to production to make a stronger platform including colaborative learnning.

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