In this day and age, as students, technology has been integrated into our school work. While this makes accessing documents and assignments much easier, it also leaves students susceptible to becoming distracted by other technologies and social media sites (Instagram, Youtube videos, twitter, Netflix binge watching)

So, we wanted to create a website where students can go to escape these distractions and help them stay on task.

What it does

VRGL will include features such as a timed study tracker, website blockers, built-in breaks, a self-progress tracker, resources, and an established community consisting of other users.

The study tracker will allow users to record how much time they are spending on doing work/tasks throughout the day, week, month, total, etc. This service will also features built in suggested study times which can also be changed based on the users preferences

VRGL’s site blockers will allow users to easily block certain websites based on suggestions as well as user input.

How we built it

We built our website using django and html5

Challenges we ran into

We are all first time Web Developers and users of django. At first, we really pushed for Virgil to be an app since a main source of distraction are cell phones. However, we realized that with the time, resources, and skill set of the group, creating a website would be the easiest way to implement our idea. The adoption of the idea also meant we would be able to add more functionality to the program without overcrowding the service (like it would in an app).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the concept of VRGL and all of its functionalities that it has to contribute. We truly believe that its message can bring about change to the way students and people will do their work.

What we learned

We learned that even though we did not have a lot of experience, we were still able to come up with a great product that we are proud of.

What's next for VRGL

We hope to one day revisit VRGL and hopefully complete it and bring it into fruition.

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