To provide company and job-seeking students with an eco-friendly way to share and scan resumes. By utilizing computer vision to scan QR codes and read through resumes, were are able to provide both student and employer a better higher experience.

What it Does

Utilizing the expansive Google Cloud Platform (GCP) we have integrated a multitude of applications and features that create a better higher experience. First, the journey begins with the student where they can upload their resume, seek out help and improvements from our provided material, and prepare themselves for upcoming events. On the other end of the spectrum, the employers are able to parse through their applicants better and more efficient than ever before.

How We Built It

We focused our efforts as a team on four major components of the application: the client-facing Vue.js application, the mobile application with QR code and NFC capability, our cloud backend, and AI Visualization. These four pillars combine to make a very sturdy and well established code base with a lot of features.

Challenges We Ran Into

Implementing the mobile app was extremely challenging due to our groups inexperience with native development. On top of this, there were many challenges in how we implemented our cloud platform due to some friction between deployments. Overall, the project went smoothly and we are proud of the product we are presenting!

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

Creating a beautiful Vue.js app, accomplishing the majority of our design goals, finishing on time, demoing, and overcoming our inexperience!

What We Learned

How to use: Docker, Firebase, Compute Engine, Tesseract OCR, Authentication, Container Architecture, Android development, and a lot great new debugging strategies.

What's next for VResume

More use control in the form of event creation, more scalability with Kubernetes, increased speed and accuracy of visualization libraries, and security improvements

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