Statefarm's challenge for this hackathon was to find ways to improve the typical recruitment process with tech. We believe that interacting with a recruiter face to face plays a vital role in your perception, however meeting face is face isn't always practical. Without any direct interaction students looking for internships or jobs are at a severe disadvantage compared to those who have a chance to leave a personal impression.

What it does

Our goal was to mitigate the disadvantages of not meeting face to face with a recruiter by offering an alternative in the form of a VR environment geared towards conducting interviews and conducting virtual job fairs.

How we built it

We used unity and the native oculus go and google daydream sdks to create the basic VR environments, along with Photon Unity Networking (PUN) to take care of our client synchronization and voice communication.

Challenges we ran into

Getting our application to build to the different platforms was difficult because we wanted to try and share as much code as possible between them, initially we planned on using VRTK to build a universal application, however VRTK lacks support for the newer lenovo mirage and other google daydream headsets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a functioning prototype working at several points throughout the development process was really helpful for gauging our progress and keeping on track to meet our deadline.

What we learned

Bring your desktop in the future if it's your primary development machine because saving time by not installing tools and sdks is more important than the hassle of bringing a desktop.

What's next for VRecruiter

Mobile VR is relatively new to us and having regular access to these devices for development is very enticing for building skills related to VR.


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