Have you ever had trouble focusing to read?

We built vRead to remedy this problem.

vRead is a speed reading app that takes advantage of isolation in virtual reality to help focus people on reading. It eliminates distractions and enables quick comprehension by pacing through text one word at a time.

How we built it

Building vRead really challenged each of us. We are all Drexel Freshman and had very very little coding experience. First we downloaded Unity and worked on a couple of tutorials since none of us have ever programmed VR before. After we got a few skills down, we tried to build our app. We broke our code over and over until we finally got our program to display input text one word at a time on our display. Next we started to work on the UI. We decided to make a pause button that can be operated by tapping the side of the Oculus. We worked really hard together and are really proud of our results.

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