Inspo = Documentaries are third person perspective and we want to make them first person

What it does = allows viewers to partake in difficult experiences first hand

How we built = unity 3D, 3D models and Avid Media Composer

Challenges = creating a moving story that invokes emotions

Accomplishments = the story we are telling and the ability of choice

What we learned = working creatively as a team is a challenge as we all have views that differ and because of that we must learn to listen and understand each other (also what our experience is trying to show - a choice is not as simple as it seems)

Whats next = finding other difficult experiences where someone has a drastic choice and creating opportunities for people to better understand the experience and the choice within.

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posted an update


  • Scene 1 ) video & title
  • Scene 2) nice city street / sign about Syria / explosion to black
  • Scene 3) rough city / sign Syria has been at war for longer .../ friend comes up and says " boat with son or family"
  • Scene 4) Domestic scene with people
  • Scene 5 ) Friend and choice Stay / Go
  • Scene 6 & 6a ) Stay : domestic / dark / bomb sound > Video of bombed out Syria & sign
  • Scene 7 & 7a) Go is Boat > Video of refugee camp & sign

Sound good?

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