We came into this hackathon with not too much in mind, we took the barn storm chest challenge and found some gears, motors, among other strange objects. Steve has a background in robotics, sokghear has a background in IT, and Henry has a background in design and Tony has a background in coding.

What it does

Goal: To stream live video feed to the google-cardboard We made a proof of concept

How we built it

Part of the challenge was to obtain parts by bartering we also bought an RC car and took it apart for the body. Wheels we had the Barnstorm CEO Steven, print wheels for us. The car was built roughly 8 hours ago, and the wheels ended up being completely finished about an hour before that. Tony had to learn how to do android development so a good amount of time was spent setting up the environment, android-studio. The android-sdk and google-cardboard-sdk took a while to download as well..

Challenges we ran into

Learning to develop android programs Lemenson workshop closes at 12am, we finished design around 11pm, so we had an hour to do an initial body Tony had to learn android development Finding a way to setup a frontal camera in the cardboard app presenting lack of sleep

Accomplishments that we're proud of

building the car testing the vr (it was cool) not dying due to lack of sleep

What we learned

android dev **google-cardboard

What's next for vrCar

actual app developed for iOS and android possibly other application areas, home and furniture, general design, even gaming unsure source of future changes will be made on the related github repo

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