Wanted a CAD program for a home remodel that's 1:1 scale.

What it does

Generates rooms with simple voice commands. If it works.

How I built it

Pushed keys on my laptop. Majority of the code is PERL for geometry generation from voice commands. Textures are pictures I took with my camera or downloaded from the net, then ran substance b2m. Generated geometry and textures are transferred to a nodeJS/Linux/Cloud server that distributes metadata, geometry, and texture files to the clients. Voice commands are wav files, transferred through the same NodeJS/cloud APIs. The AI is mostly in C#, and uses a bunch of if statements and regular expressions to understand the speech. Front end is in Unity, targetting Daydream APIs.

Challenges I ran into

Too many keys to push. So much debugging. Much boredom. Many REST requests. Abstracting the API to be generic enough to serve files, yet keeping it secure. DayDream stuff is not yet reliable in Unity.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It runs on Daydream sometimes. It sometimes successfully smooths meshes. Once in a blue moon, it even renders something that was generated.

What I learned

Pushing keys hurts my hands.

What's next for VRCad

A large quantity of whisky.

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