We often times buy clothes just for one event and never wear it again. Why not buy from already worn clothes from those in your community to not only support your community members but also the environment? Garage sales do just that, but it is often a hassle to hold in person garage sales. This is why we decided to create VRAGE, an online platform for community members to come together to buy what they need and sell what they don't all while reducing the amount of clothes that go into landfills each day.

The slide we made

Video Presentation:

What it does

Connect sellers and buyers in the area

How I built it

Bootstrap, TypeformAPI, HTML, CSS, JS We used JavaScript to get the response from the Response API from Typeform. This would give us all the responses from people who are selling items. We connected this with our listings page to show these items and their details.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating front end and backend. Needed to add a chrome extension for CORS to be able to run in browser. We used Moesif Orign & CORS Changer. We tried using a proxy to resolve this, but the loading time was too long.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using a typeform api and typeform in a website for the first time! Creating a well functioning website! This is most of ours first or second hackathon, so we're proud getting through the challenges and putting everything together

What I learned

Using APIs, Bootstrap, Web development

What's next for VRAGE

Add functions that allow users to chat inside the webpage instead of outside. Resolve proxy/ CORS issue so that way users can use it without the chrome extension

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