Iron man 2, My dreams

What it does

We were able to work both independently and as a team and providing interesting ideas. We were able to have some interaction with the workspace through custom hand gestures.

How I built it

We were able to use a conjunction of Unity, Blender, Leap Motion and an Oculus Rift to some degree to the success

Challenges I ran into

Many of the features of the API were deprecated. Lack of experience in both Unity and C# Several software failures. Delay in software/hardware

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got to play a game almost. It works to a minimum extent, It uses my hands

What I learned

It's hard to like people. Need sleep, Waifu simulator would have been easier

What's next for VR Workspace Environment

More reliable gesturing More Uniquely identifiable gestures A working product Something better than Oculus and leap motion

Built With

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