Use an architectural 2d-3d model and showcase the new companies that have just moved into the Quackenbush building in Troy NY

What it does

It is a VR app that visualizes an architectural model. It also takes other content such as 3D scans and other content and present it within the space

How I built it

I imported the 2d/3d autocad drawings used for the mechanical layout of the building renovation into Autodesk 3dsmax and exported an .obj file, after removing other content from other floors. The model file was loaded into Unity and setup for Google Cardboard

Challenges I ran into

Initially I wanted a game controller to be used with my iPhone, the hardware did not allow keyboard input through the iphone into the Unity game engine. After hours of research, tough pads on the screen were used. A mechanical mechanism will be designed through the side of google cardboard to enable some functionality. A sliding action (of the phone, left and right) with a capacitive sensor in the google has has had some promise Controller input to move through scene needed to be updated to track where the character is looking.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Capacitive Touch sensors that control motion forward and backward. Developing VR app at all for my iphone

What I learned

More to making VR games than to input modeling data. Coding google cardboard is still early in the development for ios. Many of the game controllers require additional coding for ios eventhough they have simple input such as key press for

What's next for VR walkthrough of Quackenbush 4th floor

Using this simulation, more of the building including the exterior and interior improvments can be placed in the scene for a more true rendering. Walls will be colored and seperated so that other content can be loaded consistant with gaming and vr apps make the app functional with iCade

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