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When you are modeling real world places there is no good way to see if what you are creating is to scale, lifelike, or gives your players real presence. I wanted a way to easily switch between virtual reality and real life and maybe have a mix of both to see if my modeling was real enough. That is why we created VR to IRL. It gives the developer the ability to see both their real environment and the modeled one, or if gives gamers a way to walk around and game freely. Using the leap motion you are able to swipe from left to right or vice versa to make whichever window is open less opaque. Swipe up and down to switch between virtual and reality. I feel accomplished we were able to build a rig for mobile oculus development and gaming and used an oculus, a webcam, and a leap motion all at the same time to create our project. We learned an immense amount of things about the apis of both the leap and oculus. We are now going to finalize the build of the rig and get true stereoscopic cameras for the VR to IRL.

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