to show the otherwise "boring" data in a an immersive experience

What it does

The VR app shows trees and plays wind on Prague's Karlin's square reacting to the data measured by noise sensors placed on square and from a weather station. All data was provided by Gallomio and Here maps.

How We built it

We used Unity game engine to represent the data and the experience in 3d space using the simple cardboard VR device a sound chip. We have also developed a webserver which retreives the data and then serve them to the Unity engine via json.

Challenges I ran into

Internet connection (took us couple of hours to sort out) Communication inside the team (people leaving) Mac Vs PC Unity compatibility unity hardware compatibility

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We have found a very cool way of visualising the available data thru immersive experience (spatial sound and 3d visuals)

What We learned

Unity, VR, Collaboration DATA sources mapping data to controllers

Current state of the project - what we have

We have succesfully created folowing components (which are not assembled together):

  • Working connection to 16 API's
  • Webserver processing the data and serving via JSON (wether data, noize level)
  • Unity build running on android phone with cardboard headset
  • Unity integratiion with JSON data
  • 3D model of Karlin square imported to Unity
  • Sound of wind with varying intensity

What's next for VR-Terrain

Make a working prototype Add different locations Add more data sources Add more visuals of the data to better understand the correlation between them Find test users to see their response, feedback Publish the app on google play Get funding

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